Mission Statement

I created this blog two reasons:

  1. to chronicle a process toward a goal; and
  2. to keep my honest and focused on the process.

The Goal is to establish and make available a means and process for children adopted from China to be able to track down and connect to their birth parents – via investigative and/or genetic means – and vice versa.

Between the years 2002 and 2007, there were more than 35,000 girls age 4 and under adopted from China, about 44% of which were under 1 year old. Nearly all of them were separated from their birth parents mere days after being born, and the barriers between child and birth parent, created by culture, law and corruption – not to mention geography – are tall and vast. I would like to do my part in changing that.

I’ll go into the reasoning behind my decision later, but for now I’d like to make clear what I see as being the first steps in this process:

Learn (Mandarin) Chinese

For some reason, this seems to me like the easiest, if not the quickest, of steps to take, mainly because of accessibility. I need to establish the best route to take, given my personal and financial circumstances. My first though was to get myself a copy of Rosetta Stone, about which I’ve heard many good things for getting a basis of a language into one’s head. But before I make the $250+ investment, I’d like to be sure that it’s the best route for getting started. I don’t have the time currently for forced immersion, so I need to make due with where I’m at and what I have available to me.

Investigate China’s Baby Problem

After our adoption process was completed, those darker questions started bubbling up in my mind about the circumstances under which Laurana and others like her during the 2000’s adoption boom came to end up where they were. I aim to detail my own views on the flaws and cracks I found as time and reflection came to me, as well as aggregate information from other sources, such as Reasearch-China.org, to aid in finding a path, however small, between child and birth parent.

Find Others Like Me

It’s entirely possible that there are others out there that are doing the same or similar to what I aim to do. I decided that it doesn’t matter much to me if that’s the case; if anything, I’ll (hopefully) be able to add to the process and be richer for the experience. I know that there has been at least failed attempt to construct a genetic database for children adopted from China, specifically a-China.org. I don’t know the details of their demise, though I’d like to find out. Perhaps they can point out some land mines I can avoid in the future.
So to start with, I need to establish a language tool. If anyone has a better suggestion than the Rosetta Stone route, I’d be glad to hear it from you.


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Baby Steps Toward a Massive Goal

With these words, starts a grand and serious project I decided on yesterday, while driving home in my car. The explanation comes tomorrow.

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